Provincial Health Services Authority – Aboriginal Health

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is one of seven health authorities – the other six health authorities serve geographic regions of BC. PHSA’s primary role is to ensure that BC residents have access to a coordinated network of high-quality specialized health care services.

PHSA operates provincial agencies including BC Children’s Hospital, BC Transplant, and BC Cancer Agency. It is also responsible for specialized provincial health services like chest surgery and trauma services, which are delivered in a number of locations in the regional health authorities as well specialized programs that operate across several PHSA agencies.

PHSA Aboriginal Health

PHSA – Aboriginal Health supports each of the PHSA agencies, programs and services in a collective approach to Indigenous health.

Through the PHSA Aboriginal subcommittee members representing each of PHSA’s agencies, programs and services, as well as external provincially focused Indigenous partners meet regularly to set goals and direction and to support, collaborate and exchange knowledge on best practices in Aboriginal health. With partner agencies PHSA works towards:

➢ Better Indigenous health outcomes
➢ Better partnerships with the Indigenous community
➢ Better health promotion
➢ Better access to health services through culturally competent service providers
➢ Better collaboration between agencies
➢ Better career opportunities for Indigenous people

The Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) Training Program was designed and is hosted by PHSA Aboriginal Health. The ICC supports community-based contracted health initiatives with a provincial focus, host annual training and networking conferences for Aboriginal Patient Liaisons in BC and support Qwal Lelulm – an Aboriginal Nurse Networking & Resources site for Aboriginal nurses, patient navigators, and doulas.

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