University of Victoria – School of Social Work

BCANDS is proud and very appreciative to have developed a mutually beneficial relationship between the University of Victoria’s – School of Social Work and our Society.

For the past two years the University and the Society have collaborated to have practicum students from the School of Social Work complete their program hours at BCANDS, assisting in the Society’s disability and health information / resource and support services.

University of Victoria – School of Social Work

The emerging vision of the School of Social Work commits the University to social justice, anti-racist, anti-oppressive social work practices, and to promoting critical enquiry that respects the diversity of knowing and being.

The University of Victoria – School of Social Work’s educational mission is to prepare generalist social work practitioners skilled in critical self-reflection and in working with individuals, families, groups and communities. In particular, they endeavour to prepare Indigenous social workers and child welfare practitioners and we emphasize structural, feminist, Indigenous and anti-oppressive analyses.

The school’s scholarly mission is to share and create collective knowledge and understanding through engaging in critical enquiry and by supporting research and innovative curriculum development at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Their practice mission is to act on social justice issues through community change initiatives and anti-oppressive social work. Their political and social responsibility is to participate in and reflect community experiences in all our efforts to challenge oppressive societal structures.

In all their activities, their aspire to create a supportive environment that promotes equity, respect, responsibility, curiosity, collaboration, flexibility, risk-taking and creativity. We support inter-disciplinary collaboration. The School of Social Work seeks to provide accessible and flexible social work education and is committed to working across differences, such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, class, abilities, and sexual orientation.

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