BCANDS Health Information, Resources and Support Services Centre (HIRSSC)


The BCANDS Health Information, Resources and Support Services Centre provides a vast array of information, resources and support to Indigenous communities and persons, throughout British Columbia, covering a wide range of health issues, topics and priorities, to enhance and support membership health and access to information and services within community.

Our clients include: Health Directors, Community Health Nurses, Community Health Representatives, LPN’s, Social Workers, Alcohol and Drug Workers, Child & Family Service Workers, Bands programs, community members, government agencies and those who work directly with Indigenous people within First Nation communities.

Our extensive information / resources and support services includes print and non-print resource materials covering a wide range of health issues and topics such as: Addictions, AIDS/HIV, Auto-immune Disorders, Allergies/Asthma, Arthritis, ADD/ AHDD, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Elders, Epilepsy, Heart & Stroke, Lupus, Nutrition, Parenting, Post-Traumatic-Stress, Pre-Natal & Post-Natal, Sexual Health, Suicide Prevention, Tobacco Cessation, Environmental Health, Youth, and more.

BCANDS is continually in the process of updating the information, services and resources on hand, to ensure that the Centre information and support is relevant and up to date.

If there is a health related matter, subject or support that you are interested in or a specific resource you are looking for in your community, please feel free to contact our office by phone at 1-888-815-5511 or email: RSW@bcands.bc.ca, and every effort will be made to assit you, and at no cost to your program, department or community.

Examples of some of the resources that we have distributed in the past can be seen below.

Your-Welfare-Rights-167-lss vaccinate tobacco-poster-child surviving abuse stroke recovery STI smile opportunities fund Prostate Cancer Facts safe and secure book safesleep safety dvd SAOnReserve native court worker Living with Stroke IBS hep c hepatitis c HIVAIDS immunization Living with Stroke lupus healthy pregnancy FNTraditional foods healthy elders dvd FNFoodGuide fibromyalgia fasd Complementary_therapies_thumbnail cpp disability diabetes diabetesguide elder abuse