E-Support Services (In Development)

                                   BCANDS “From the Outside Looking In…”                              2018 Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering 

On November 26th, 27th and 28th, 2018 during the fourth anniversary of November being declared and proclaimed as “Indigenous Disability Awareness Month” in British Columbia BCANDS will host the 2018 “From the Outside Looking In…” – Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering in Victoria, British Columbia.

To learn more about the Gathering please click on the banner below to be taken to the 2018 Gathering website. Want to keep up-to-date on all the Gathering happenings as planning moves forward?  Follow the Gathering on Twitter!


BCANDS E-Support Program – (B.E.P.) – (In development)

BCANDS is continuing to examine the possibility of the development of a BCANDS e-support program or “BEP”. BEP, when realized, will be a series of video-conference delivered support groups relating to specific disability / health conditions and / or experiences facing Indigenous persons within British Columbia. The BEP support groups will be developed based on information gathered from Indigenous individuals, health and disability groups and organizations from across British Columbia, identifying possible disability and health support areas to be developed.

It is BCANDS goal through the BEP to solicit partnerships with organizations from across British Columbia to allow access and assistance to potential BEP participants in relation to the use of video-conferencing equipment, meeting locations and support, as necessary and able. Additionally, BCANDS will foster partnerships with a variety of disability and health professionals both Indigenous and non, gaining their commitment and support to act as facilitators of specific BEP supports groups.

It is our hope that BEP will not only be a valuable support for our clients, providing access to increased disability and health information and services but also assist in reducing the isolation that is often felt by individual’s living with a disability and health issues, through connecting with other persons that may be experiencing similar conditions.

To assist us in the development of this very worthwhile program, please take the time to complete the BCANDS online surveys located under the Community Engagement Tab.