Employment / Volunteer Opportunities at BCANDS


“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”


At BCANDS we are committed to our vision of health and disability equality for all Indigenous persons and the timely provision of quality, relevant and timely services to meet our clients needs.  If you share our passion, we invite you to consider being part of our team. Please see available positions below




IDC / BCANDS Accessibility Researcher – Posted January 2022

IDC / BCANDS Support for Student Learning Coordinator – Posted January 2022

BCANDS Indigenous Disability Case Manager – Posted January 2022

BCANDS Employment Researcher – Posted January 2022

* As per Section 7 of the Employment Equity Act, BCANDS may give preference in employment to Indigenous persons. (http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/e-5.401/page-3.html#h-6)

* Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply for available BCANDS positions.

(note: when applicable, BCANDS lists employment positions in PDF format, you need adobe reader to view PDF files, click on the Adobe Reader button below to download if required)






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Volunteer With BCANDS

If you are interested in volunteering with BCANDS and making a difference in the lives of Indigenous persons living with a disability, or would like to assist in our Health Information, Resource and Support Services Centre, we would be happy to hear from you!!

If you are a practicum student and considering an organization to complete your program hours, we would be happy to talk to you to see if BCANDS is a good fit for you and your course requirements.

Please contact us at: (250) 381 – 7303, toll free at 1-888-815-5511 or by email at bcands@bcands.bc.ca to inquire or schedule an interview.