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Child and yiouth mental health

Members of the MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health Team at BCANDS

In order to ensure that our programs and services are meeting the needs of our patrons, clients and organizations that we work with throughout British Columbia, we need your assistance in identifying the unique health and disability needs of Indigenous people with disabilities.



The following surveys were developed to help us identify the needs of Indigenous individuals with disabilities and to see where the gaps and barriers are in accessing programs and services.

Your input is valuable. We are respectfully requesting your participation in the following surveys to help us identify the health and disability needs within your community.

Your participation in this survey process is voluntary.

Your information is protected and confidential; please feel free to answer questions honestly.

BCANDS Surveys

BCANDS Indigenous Disability Needs Survey

BCANDS Organizational Evaluation

BCANDS Indigenous Health Resource Needs Survey

BCANDS United, Interactive, Learning and Development Series

BCANDS, along with a variety of other Indigenous organizations, was invited to give testimony to the Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights specifically regarding “Issues pertaining to the human rights of First Nations band members who reside off-reserve, with an emphasis on the current federal policy framework”

BCANDS testimony to the Senate can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights – BCANDS – November 2012

Further information on the committee and the entire proceeding can be found at: http://www.parl.gc.ca/sencommitteebusiness/Notice.aspx?parl=41&ses=1&comm_id=77&Language=E&meeting_id=13527

In addition to the above, the Society conducted an 11 question survey with BCANDS clients residing within urban and rural and First Nation communities across British Columbia. Survey participants represented clients who had or were currently accessing BCANDS Disability Case Management / Navigation services.

The Results of that survey can be seen by clicking the links below.

BCANDS On Reserve Survey

BCANDS Urban and Rural Survey