BCANDS PWD / MNS Program Contact Information

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                               BCANDS “From the Outside Looking In…”                                                   2018 Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering                      

On November 26th, 27th and 28th, 2018 during the fourth anniversary of November being declared and proclaimed as “Indigenous Disability Awareness Month” in British Columbia BCANDS will host the 2018 “From the Outside Looking In…” – Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering in Victoria, British Columbia.

To learn more about the Gathering please click on the banner below to be taken to the 2018 Gathering website. Want to keep up-to-date on all the Gathering happenings as planning moves forward?  Follow the Gathering on Twitter!





BCANDS is pleased to offer a variety of communication venues to utilize when contacting the BCANDS PWD / MNS programs. Please choose from the options listed below, the venue(s) that will  best meet your need.

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“The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.”

BCANDS is requesting your assistance! If you are a Band Social Development Worker (BSDW) working within a British Colombia First Nation community, please click the BSDW link below and complete the “BSDW Contact” questionnaire. Thank you!

Band Social Development Worker Questionnaire

The BCANDS PWD / MNS Program contact information is outlined below. To download and print the BCANDS PWD / MNS  contact sheet click HERE

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To speak to the BCANDS PWD / MNS Adjudicator:


If calling from Victoria and area, please call:  (250) 381 – 7303   Ext. 206

If calling from outside of Victoria, please call toll free: 1 – 888 – 815 – 5511   Ext. 206



To email to the BCANDS PWD / MNS Adjudicator, please send emails to: pwd@bcands.bc.ca




To send a fax to the BCANDS PWD / MNS Adjudicator, please fax documents to:   (250) 381 – 7343


mail box
To mail PWD / MNS client related materials / applications confidentially to the BCANDS PWD Adjudicator, please mail all information / materials to BCANDS, in a self-addressed envelope, as follows:

PROTECTED B                                                                                                                     ATTENTION: BCANDS PWD Adjudicator                                                                         #6 – 1610 Island Highway – Victoria, British Columbia – V9B 1H8

video conferencingTo schedule a date and time to video-conference with the BCANDS PWD / MNS Adjudicator, please call or email the BCANDS Adjudicator through the contact information listed above.

BCANDS video-conferencing I.P. Address:

Skype 1

To request to become a Skype contact with a BCANDS Disability PWD Adjudicator, log into your Skype account and send a contact request to the following user name: pwdbcands or enter pwd@bcands.bc.ca under the email contact search.

Don’t have Skype but want to get it? Click HERE to download.

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